Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween is not necessarily may favorite holiday, but so wonderful when you are celebrating it with young children. My 3 year old son is especially excited now that he understands what to expect this year. He has decided that this year he wants to be a Pollen Jock...yes, you heard correctly, a Pollen Jock. Well, if you have seen the Bee Movie, you know exactly what I am talking about. The Pollen Jocks are the well-bred, strong, brave and tough bees that actually get to leave the hive, fly around with their Nectar Collectors and go to work, EVERY day. Well, it is without a doubt a creative ghost this year, but a bit of a challenge. I am embarrassed to say that I have NO talent for sewing and therefore his costume tomorrow may not be as spectacular as someone elses. But get this...he doesn't care, nor does he mind! He's 3 and I am SO thankful! What he will remember is that whatever Mommy says he is, he is...don't you love little kids.

My youngest daughter who will be 2 would be happy in a diaper...she wants the candy! No frills here! Due to living in Colorado, trick or treating in a diaper is most definitely out of the question! She will be content in a big, furry, pot-bellied Skunk suit from The Children's Place that my son wore last year! As long as you "show her the candy!" she will be happy as a clam.\

I wish all of you a fantastically frightening, candy overdosing and SAFE Halloween!

Jackie :o)